Lundix SPC Bridge KNX

SPC Bridge KNX allows interfacing Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system to a KNX system. Using the SPC Bridge KNX you are able to use events from all your SPC connected motion detectors, door/window contacts, fire detectors and alarm status for automations in your KNX system. SPC Bridge KNX includes a certified Weinzierl KNX interface for a reliable and approved connection to the KNX bus.

  • Mirrors SPC zone and area states/status to KNX bus
  • Support for area and zone commands from KNX bus, e.g arm/disarm, inhibit zone.
  • SPC Panel Communication using FlexC (LAN)
  • Weinzierl KNX interface 332 or 312 is included
  • Communication objects configurable in KNX ETS.
  • Web based Admin GUI
  • Recommended for maximum 128 zones and 16 areas (The actual limit depends on the use case, e.g. how many motion detectors the SPC system has.)

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