The DUODMX GATEWAY serves as a DMX gateway for KNX® or EnOcean® systems but is also available as a standalone version. It has two independently-configurable DMX outputs, with 512 channels each, allowing you to control two DMX word independently.

The device can be operated as a DMX master or slave. The gateway transmits DMX packages in master mode and receives them in slave mode. The different device variants position the DUODMX GATEWAY ideally for usage in almost any required scenario.

The WLAN option, available for many versions, rounds up the product line. Native apps for iOS® and Android® make operation of the gateway particularly easy. «DMX-Configurator» – a professional DMX configuration software – not only enables you to dim individual channels, but also to program complex sequences.

The DUODMX GATEWAY is highly suitable for subsequent installation as a device installed in the ceiling. A corresponding adapter is available for top hat rail installation.

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