KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485, 2SU, MDRC

KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485, 2TE, REG. Designed for bidirectional Data exchange between Modbus RTU- and KNX-products. Master- / Slave-Mode for all channels separately selectable. Comprehensive binary- and arithmetical mathematical functions configurable for each channel. Easy scaling settings.

Value range conversion adjustable for each channel. Multi Read / Write Functionality on the Modbus-side. Slave ID for each channel separately configurable. 20 Value comparison blocks each with 4 comparable values and operations. Universal applicable, supports multiple Modbus- and KNX-Data types. No additional Modbus Power supply required.

Power is provided over the KNX connection. Modbus / KNX galvanically separated. Developed and produced in Engelskirchen.

3 Year warranty.

Forventet leveringstid: 5-10 hverdage

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Yderligere info

KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485, 2SU, MDRC. Version for bidirectional data exchange between Modbus RTU and KNX devices. KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485 with up to 200 freely configurable channels. Can be used as a Modbus master or slave. Slave ID can be selected separately for each channel. Simple scaling settings by means of mathematical functions. Value range conversions can be set for each channel. Multi Read functionality on the Modbus side. Read/Write function with 2 objects per channel. Value comparator blocks each with 4 comparison values and operations. Message texts for visualising the status of the unit. Universally applicable, supports a wide range of Modbus and KNX data types. No additional Modbus power supply required. Power is supplied via the KNX connection. Modbus / KNX galvanically isolated. Development and production in Engelskirchen. 3 year warranty.

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