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KNX DMX. DMX KNX. The DUODMX GATEWAY has two separately controllable DMX interfaces. With a gateway, two DMX worlds can be controlled independently of each other at the same time. The bidirectional versions offer another highlight. You can use them to control KNX participants using DMX devices. Master or slave operation can be set for each interface and is available for variants 12111, 12121 and 12521.


The supplied DMX software »DMX-Configurator« helps with quick configuration. You can easily and intuitively link KNX group addresses or EnOcean participants with DMX channels and scenes using drag ‘n’ drop. In addition to all the necessary DMX-specific settings, the software also offers a preview function. You can use it to check the DMX functionality and immediately test your configuration changes on the connected devices. The final configuration data is conveniently transmitted to the gateway via the network.


All DMX channels can be dimmed and switched individually or in groups. In this way, you can change lighting moods as you wish at any time. Relative and absolute dimming enable use with different operating modes. 3 and 4 byte values ​​are available for control with color wheels. A “soft ON/OFF” function is also available for 128 DMX channels if required.


A popular feature of the DUODMX GATEWAY are the programmable sequences. Simply create the desired color impressions as sequences. They run independently in the device and can be called up at any time with just one keystroke. Sequences can also be triggered via a potential-free contact input. In this way you can also implement simple on-site operation.

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