Lundix SPC Bridge KNX Gen 2

SPC Bridge KNX allows interfacing Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system to a KNX system. Using the SPC Bridge you are able to use events from all your SPC connected motion detectors, door/window contacts, fire detectors and alarm status for automations in your KNX system. SPC Bridge KNX includes a certified KNX interface for a reliable and approved connection to the KNX bus.


  • Secure and reliable communication.
    SPC Bridge is using Vanderbilt’s official encrypted protocol FlexC. All communication occures on your local LAN, independent of any cloud services.
  • Connects directly to the KNX bus.
    The Bridge is using Weinzierl KNX interface 332 or 312 for connection to the KNX bus. The standard KNX tool ETS is used for the configuration.
  • Complete integration.
    Support for SPC areas, zones, outputs and doors.
  • SPC Panel models and limitations.
    All SPC panel models are supported. Technically, a maximum of 256 zones, 16 areas, 8 doors and 16 outputs (mapping gates) are supported. However, in practice, it is advisable not to exceed more than 128 zones to ensure optimal performance.
  • Web based Admin GUI.
    The Bridge is configured using a user-friendly web-based admin interface.

1 x SPC Bridge KNX, Aluminium alloy case
1 x Ethernet cable, 0.8 meter
1 x Power adapter 5V, 2.4A, EU
1 x USB A to C power cable, 1.5 meter
1 x KNX interface Weinzierl 312
1 x USB A to B cable, 0.5 meter


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