From now on, the ise smart app KNX Axis connects the KNX building control with the broad Axis IP product portfolio. Our application allows you to have a two-way communication between the KNX and the world of Axis. You can now take advantage of both systems. Features:

30 binary Group Objects to trigger via the KNX an Event-Trigger on the Axis IP product

30 Group Objects (variable length) to send values from the Axis IP product to the KNX

Control video recording

Trigger to send a message defined in the camera (e-mail, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS)

Using PTZ cameras, it is possible to navigate to predefined positions via KNX

Reading and sending camera configuration properties to the KNX

Sending a value to the KNX if the cameraÍs live stream is accessed

Supervision of the camera device, e.g. overheating or interruption of the connection to the storage location for videos

Third Party applications may send values to the KNX

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Forespørgsel af: ISE SMART APP KNX AXIS (Volume 5)

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