WS1000 Color-4, aluminium

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Building Control System for 4 Drives 230 V.

Apart from shading and ventilation the WS1000 Color also controls heatings and air conditioners. Motion and smoke detectors offer more safety and illumination at dawn creates atmospheric lighting.

Alongside the operating panel, the WS1000 Color provides a weather station and a radio-controlled indoor sensor. The indoor sensor is integrated in the switching series used in the building and perfectly merges with the interior. Various climate zones can be realised by installation of additional indoor sensors (single room control).

The touch display makes operation of the WS1000 Color exceptionally easy and comfortable. A simple touch on the display buttons sets the function and moves the drives. In passive state the current weather is displayed: the sun travelling through the sky, rain or snow.

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Building Control System for 4 Drives 230 V

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