The BI04F01KNX device is equipped with 4 inputs for connecting dry contacts such as sensors, pushbuttons and can be configured to send on/off commands, dimmers, blinds, scene recall and sequences to the bus. Digital inputs can be configured for long or short distances.

A pulse counter function is also available to count switching inputs configured as digital over a short distance. There is an LED on the front panel to display the status of each input. The inputs can be configured as analog to connect NTC temperature probes (see electronic probes code TS01A01ACC / TS01B01ACC), with which it is possible to send the temperature measurement to the bus or to manage the complete thermostat module. Two inputs can be configured as a “smart sensor” to connect plug-in sensors: SM03E01ACC, which includes a temperature sensor and a CO2 sensor, and SM03E02ACC, which includes a temperature sensor and a VOC sensor for indoor air quality (IAQ) and CO2 equivalent (eCO2) measurements.

In addition, 10 logical blocks are available to implement simple expressions with logical or threshold operators or complex expressions with algebraic and conditional operators; It is possible to use predefined algorithms such as proportional temperature and humidity control or dew point calculation.

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