Solexa II Set, white /aluminium

Radio Control (Display and Weather Station)

Solexa II controls via a wireless connection drives and devices on Elsner electronic wireless actuators and makes the convenient manual operation of these drives and

consumers possible. The basis of the system are the Solexa II display and weather station, which allow for automatic control according to time, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, brightness, sun position, wind speed and precipitation.

  • The shading automatic with weather station controls shutters, awnings and blinds according to the brightness and takes into account the direction of the sun, movement delays set, temperature blocks, wind, rain and frost alarms, movement position, timer and night functions.
  • The ventilation automatic with weather station controls casement and sliding windows based on the indoor temperature. In doing so, outdoor temperature, wind, rain and frost alarm, movement position and timer functions are taken into account.
  • The light automatic with weather station switches lights on and off according to the outdoor brightness (day/night) and time. If dimming modules are used, then the dim level (brightness of the lamp) is also taken into account.
  • The heating automatic with weather station switches a one or two level heating according to the indoor temperature and takes into account day and night (timer switch) and has a timer switch for manual heating during nighttime operation.
  • The roof gutter automatic with weather station switches a heating within a certain temperature range.
  • For all outputs a daily automatic reset and an automatic reset, a short time after

A manual operation, can be set.

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Radio Control (Display and Weather Station)

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