Wi-Fi Interface for Solexa II.

The SOL interface WLAN connects the Solexa II building control system with the Solexa II Mobile App. With the app installed on the mobile device, meteorological data can be called up and devices and drives operated manually. Readings from the indoor sensor installed in the system can also be viewed over the app.

The SOL interface receives the data from the app via the on-site Wi-Fi and the mobile internet (VPN). These are then forwarded from the interface to the Solexa II by radio. Data from the Solexa II weather station is transferred to the app in the same way.

The app can be installed on up to 6 mobile devices that can access the interface SOL simultaneously. Commands that are typed in (e.g. blinds up/down) are executed in succession in the order of their arrival.

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Wi-Fi Interface for Solexa II

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