Shutter Actuator 1-fold- 6A- for 230VAC shutter motors- with 4 binary inputs

1.111,16 kr.

The MDT Shutter Actuator with monostable relays is individually programmable by the ETS. Switching, alarm, central and blocking functions are available as well as extensive calibration and positioning functions. In addition to the function as a shutter actuator, the actuator has 4 potential free binary inputs that act as a universal interface. At these inputs, buttons, switches, door and window contacts can be queried.

Shutter/blind functions:
* Practical ventilation function (window open/tilt)
* Automatic sun shading/slat adjustment with sun position calculation
* Travel– pause-at-change-of-direction and step time adjustable
* Separate travel time for up and down adjustable
* Tip operation for accurate positioning
* Extended 1Bit automatic positions and logical functions
* 1Byte absolute positioning for shutter and blinds
* Alarm- central- and block functions
* Priority/forced operation with automatic release time
* Adjustable behavior in case of bus voltage return
* Functions Binary Inputs:
* To connect push-buttons or window/auxiliary contacts
* Integrated evaluation of the windows contacts
* Adjustable transmission behavior of the up/down objects
* (To the internal contacs or actuators on the KNX bus)
* Operation of blinds and shutters- 1 and 2 button operation
* Binary Inputs usable as Universal Interface
* Production in Germany- certified according to ISO 9001
* Dimensions (W x H x D): 41mm x 41mm x 22mm

Forventet leveringstid: 3-7 hverdage

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Forespørgsel af: Shutter Actuator 1-fold- 6A- for 230VAC shutter motors- with 4 binary inputs

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