RME 4 I KNX KNX 4-way C load switching actuator Extension Module MIX2

KNX switch actuator 4-fold expansion module, C-load with relay outputs for 4 switching channels, expandable with up to 12 channels, RME4I series mounting case, width 4 TE, LED status indicator per channel, hand switch with status display (even without the bus voltage), functions: switching, delayed switch, pulse function, connections, Contact Type (NC/NO) and participation in central commands such as permanently on, permanently off, central and scene storage/retrieval, Switching Functions: on/off, impulse, a/Aus-Verzogerung according to DIN 18015-2, stair light with warned logical links: Lock, and, share, or features: behavior at busausfall as well as in the case of bus or the line supply returns adjustable, status feedback object for each channel, central objects with and without priority, store and retrieve scenes (object), every channel is replaced by a private Scene object

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Forespørgsel af: RME 4 I KNX KNX 4-way C load switching actuator Extension Module MIX2

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