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Technical and functional characteristics

These power supplies are designed according to the flyback converter principle. The output voltage remains at mains voltage fluctuations and at load variations within a tolerance of ± 3%.

No minimum load required. The equipment starts regularly in all the rated input ranges with zero load on the output, while maintaining the output voltage within 0,5 % of the rated output voltage.

No Hiccup-mode during overload or short circuit. The equipment works regularly in constant current mode …during overload up to full short circuit. This condition can be maintained indefinitely without any damage or performance degradation. This feature helps starting loads with high inrush current or great capacitive load.

High stability (high open loop bandwidth and phase margin). This feature shows the very good action of the equipment with rapidly changing load (from zero to max load and vice versa) and during start up, without ringing and overshoot.

Operating-condition signalling. On all our products a led provides the optical indication of the output voltage: good operation, overload condition, short circuit condition.

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Forespørgsel af: POWER SUPPLY PSM4/96.24 (for SMART SURFACE)

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