POWER SUPPLY 1280 mA – RATED VOLTAGE AC 200 ÷ 240V – 50 ÷ 60HZ

The KNX 1280 mA PS00D04KNX power supply provides the system power required for the KNX/EIB bus. The connection to the bus line is through the block of bus connections located on the front side. An integrated choke prevents shorting of data telegrams on the bus line.

When you press the built-in reset button (press the RESET button for at least 20 seconds to reset the KNX bus), the bus devices will return to their original state.

At least one PS00D04KNX power supply is required for each bus line. Up to two power supply units can be connected to one bus line.

The distance between the PS00D04KNX power supply unit and any of its bus devices must not exceed 350 m. The PS00D04KNX power supply has voltage and current regulation and is therefore resistant to short circuits.

Short power outages can be bridged with a backup interval of approximately 200ms. The PS00D04KNX power supply can supply 30 V DC from an additional pair of terminals.

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