NETx BMS Platform

Modern building automation systems are distributed systems where the control functionality is spread across a network. Due to the differing requirements of these systems- there is no single technology that can be used to satisfy all needs. As a result- building automation systems are extremely heterogeneous where many different network technologies and communication standards are used.

The aim of the NETx BMS Platform is to solve this problem that arises when heterogeneous building automation systems are used. Located at the management level- the NETx BMS Platform is able to collect data and information from the building automation system using different technologies- protocols and systems.

The NETx BMS Platform supports various open protocols and standards like KNX- BACnet- Modbus- SNMP- OPC- oBIX and more. In addition- application specific technologies like hotel management systems (Fidelio/Opera- Protel) as well as various door lock systems (VingCard- Salto- Kaba) are supported. Obviously- integrating HTTP gateways or other web services for interfacing to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are provided too. Furthermore- due to the flexible and modular design of the NETx BMS Platform- an integration of interfaces to other fieldbus technologies that are not available in the current version is possible.

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