KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch, jet black RAL 9005

Room Controller, Mixed Gas/ Temperature/Humidity.

The Sensor KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch measures volatile organic compounds in the room air, temperature and humidity and calculates the dew point. The sensor can receive external measured values via the bus and process them with the own data to overall values (mixed values, e. g. room average). The KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch offers two push buttons that may be used for changing the ambient temperature (target value), for switching between operating modes or as free programmable bus push buttons.

The KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch provides switching outputs with adjustable threshold values. The switching outputs and further communication objects can be linked by AND and OR logic gates. Additionally, an integrated actuating variable comparator can compare and output values that are received via communication objects.

Integrated PI controllers allows for control of a ventilation (depending on VOC concentration and air humidity) and a heating/cooling system (depending on temperature). The KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch can emit a warning to the bus soon as the area of optimum comfort (according to DIN 1946) is left. The integrated display shows the own values and data received from the bus (e.g. date, time).

The device is completed with a frame of the switching series installed in the building and thus merges with the interior.

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Room Controller, Mixed Gas/ Temperature/Humidity

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