KNX Heating/Cooling Actuators, 8 outputs.

The KNX K actuators have got internal temperature controllers and output channels for controlling heating or cooling systems. The temperature controllers can control both the outputs on the KNX K and other climate control system on the KNX Bus.

In automatic mode, the temperature controllers are set at nominal temperatures for different modes. This way, it is easy to switch between the modes, comfort, standby, eco and building protection. The switch is made via an object e. g. via a manual switch, time switch or sensor switch outputs in the KNX-System.

The buttons on the device allow for direct manual switching of the connected systems. LEDs show whether the output channel was manually operated or is running in an automatic mode.

N° 70321 KNX K8, 8 outputs

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KNX Heating/Cooling Actuators, 8 outputs

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Forespørgsel af: KNX K8