The IC01D03DAL Gateway is a multi-master application controller for controlling electronic ballasts with DALI interface via the KNX installation bus. It supports ballasts DALI1, DALI2, as well as DALI2 motion sensors and light sensors.

The device transforms switching and dimming commands from the connected KNX system into corresponding DALI telegrams, or status and event information from the DALI bus into KNX telegrams.

With the Dali Gateway, it is also possible to implement constant light control directly via the connected DALI-2 sensors.
With constant light control, the light value measured by the sensor is compared with the desired setpoint value and the lighting level is automatically adjusted to the setpoint value.

The IC01D03DAL has a DALI output which can control up to 64 ECGs. The ECGs can be controlled in 16 groups.

In addition, up to 8 DALI2 motion detectors or light sensors can be connected, up to a maximum of 8 DALI buttons (4 channels per device) and up to 8 generic DALI inputs (physical quantities) can be integrated as per IEC 62386 standard. Multi-master operation according to EN 62386-103 ed2 is permitted.

The required power supply for the connected ECGs and motion sensors is provided directly from the device. Additional DALI power sup-plies are not required. When using sensors supplied via the DALI bus, it must be ensured that the current consumption of all connected DALI devices does not exceed the guaranteed value.

In addition to the control of all standard operating devices, the IC01D03DAL also allows the operation of single battery emergency lights (IEC 62386-202). Emergency lighting systems with central battery are also supported.

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