KNX Interface, 8 binary and 2 sensor inputs.

The Interface KNX B8-TH has eight binary inputs and two additional sensor inputs for temperature or temperature and air humidity. They are used to integrate signals and values from conventional buttons and sensors into the KNX building bus.

The application software of the Interface KNX B8-TH contains both switch outputs for temperature and humidity as well as PI controllers for heating/cooling and ventilation. The binary inputs can be configured as switches, up/down buttons, dimmers or encoders in various configurations.

Due to its compact design, the interface fits into a switch box. The binary contacts are connected using the cables supplied with the delivery.

Sensors for KNX B8-TH:

N° 30525 TH-UP basic, indoor sensor (temperature, air humidity)

N° 30513 T-NTC-ST, feed/contact probe for temperature measurement

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KNX Interface, 8 binary and 2 sensor inputs

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