Glass Push Button II Smart with temperature sensor- Black

2.091,60 kr.

The MDT Glass Push Button II Smart releases KNX telegrams after touching the sensor areas on top, 1 or 2 Button operation can be adjusted. The device provides extensive functions like switching of lighting, operation of blinds and shutters, contact type and block communication objects for each channel. The Glass Push Button has 4 integrated logical modules.

The Glass Push Button II Smart has a large, coloured active display to indicate function and status. Up to 12 functions on 2 or 3 levels (2×6 or 3×4 functions)can be parameterized. The Glass Push Button II Smart can be also used as 6-fold push button without function levels.(From Hardware Revision 2.0)

The Glass Push Button II Smart with temperature sensor offers additional functions to set temperature and operation mode.
In combination with the MDT Heating Actuator an efficient room temperature regulation can be configured and vizualized.
Furthermore user defined 1Bit messages and 14Byte text telegrams can be indicated.

Device Configuration App (DCA) to upload particular icons.
The free app for the ETS5 can be downloaded here and in the KNX online
shop. After the installation the app is available in the menu item DCA of the
Glass Push Button application

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