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The FACILITYMASTER combines EIBPORT V3, DATALOGGER V2, APPMODULE, KNXCONVERTER and AUDIOSERVER in one device. This guarantees a unique scope of services, ideal for the extensive requirements of large-scale projects. In addition, the professional server hardware offers outstanding performance. The combination of EIBPORT and APPMODULE enables the versatile integration of third-party applications. The EIBPORT offers visualisation and automation functions, while the APPMODULE provides the extensive application library from the BAB APP MARKET (www.bab-appmarket.de). The BAB SECURELINK protocol and the ADVANCED CENTRAL VIEW (on request) are available to the FACILITYMASTER for connection and management of real estate properties with minimum configuration effort. BAB SECURELINK is also implemented in the EIBPORT and the LINKMODULE systems, enabling encrypted plant coupling across network domains. In this way, the individual properties are connected via the Internet or intranet without any special configuration effort.

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