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The ELMMODULE is used to monitor and record the emergency lighting together with the ABB DGNS 1.16.1 Gateway. It supports the manual and automatic start of testing of emergency lighting systems equipped with DALI emergency lighting ballasts. It also collects the results of these tests and allows the customer to view, download and print the most important results of selected areas. The following emergency lighting tests can be performed:

This test simulates a power failure of the lighting and sets the lamps into emergency mode to be powered by the built-in battery for 30 seconds.

This puts the lighting into a real power failure of half the battery life (usually 1.5 hours). Full endurance test:
This puts the lighting into a real power failure of a duration corresponding to the full battery life (usually 3 hours

  • battery test:
    This shows the current state of charge of the battery after execution of one of the endurance tests.

The ELMMODULE displays the test results of each ballast and generates a report that is displayed via the implemented web interface.

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