The KNX® 9025 capacitive doorpanel is a capacitive switch with RGB led bar; it is used in combination with the glass covers available in black or white; these cover glasses can be ordered in a specific version for the required application.

The upper part of the glass can have a personalized, backlit room number; the lower part provides a key for the bell function, one for the ‘do not disturb’ function (DND) and one for the ‘make up room’ function (MUR). 2 other buttons customizable on request are available. Device includes a 2 stage Room Temperature Controller with integrated PI to control heating and cooling equipments, valves, 2 and 4 pipes fan coils; etc..

Device has an embedded temperature sensor and a rear 2 poles connector configurable as digital or analog input; It’s possible to connect an additional NTC temperature probe (eelectron codes TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC – not included) to perform a direct temperature measurement. Device has a RGB led bar on the front side in order to visualize feedbacks or other values available over the KNX bus (function available on the RGB range).

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