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Control W Room Control with comfort and saving potential

Control W is a Server-Client application for eibPort. The software allows local operation of KNX components by PC:
up to 100 Workplace visualizations per eibPort can be handled (100 PC buttons).
Control W provides a comfortable control for lighting, tailing and room temperature to the user and so serves for efficient work under individual conditions. For the building operator there is a huge potential for saving
costs because areal devices as switches can be replaced by Control W. In contrast to other software solutions there is no projectdata (except the client application)stored on the office PC. All data is stored centrally on the
eibPort device.
Multi function pushbutton
Due to the graphic user interface it’s not necessary to edit the configuration files awkware manually using a text editor tool. The import of ETS¨ Data additionally simplifies the address assignment. Changes in facility management can be done quite easily by adaption of the software instead of mounting of new operation devices and cables. So installation costs will be reduced.

+ building of PC multi function pushbuttons
+ integrated library with switches, dimmer, blinds switches and room temperature controllers
+ Up to 100 PCs may connect to one eibPort
+ Communication via LAN
+ all relevant project data is stored directly on eibPort device
+ Call via Tray Icon Software Licenses

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