• KNX mini presence sensor with integrated BUS connection
  • 1 x light channel (for regulation or on/off) 1 x slave output, 3 separate HVAC outputs
  • Intelligent semi-automatic operation, presence independent control operation (Twilight Detector), fully automatic operation
  • Two logic modules
  • Individual sensitivity adjustment of the PIR sensor
  • Measurement of mixed light using an internal sensor
  • Various locking functions
  • Status LEDs Enable/Disable
  • Programming mode (physical address) operated via IR
  • Rules/change of three light groups via offset (external influence possible)
  • Short presence, self-regulation of the drive-up time, corridor function
  • Call light scenes
  • Temperature
  • HVAC mode (1 = comfort, 2 = standby, 3 = economy, 4 frost/heat protection)
  • Freely programmable 5-button remote control (accessory)
  • Presence simulation
  • Master-Slave setup to extend the detection range
  • Extensive optimization options for light measurement
  • Output of the measured light value to the bus
  • IR remote control via optional IR remote control
  • Pin code
  • Manual influence via external KNX buttons possible
  • Monitoring the function (Heartbeat, cyclic sending)
  • Forced shutdown
  • Intelligent central off function
  • Abschaltvorwarnung
  • Behavior on the return of the bus voltage definable on choice
  • Varying safety violations after switching off the fixtures
  • Parameterization of ETS 4 for integration into KNX-BUS systems
  • The product database, which can be imported into the ETS system, is included in the delivery or can be downloaded from the BEG website.
  • Adaptation of damping curve
  • Determination of the reflection factor, e.g. on the desk, with optional IR adapter
  • Burn-in function with burn-in time between 1 – 100 hours, which can be freely set
  • Soft start
  • Examples of use:
    cell offices, meeting room, stairs, toilets, technical room, large office

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