• Two-way occupancy detector with integrated DALI application controller for energy-efficient lighting control
  • DALI-2 certified product
  • Integrated DALI power supply
  • DALI interface for controlling digital dimmable ECGs in broadcast mode
  • Manual switching and dimming with regular switches
  • Bidirectional IR communication enables quick integration into the project management function of B.E.G. One app
  • All functions can only be activated with the B.E.G. IR adapter and a smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS).
  • Semi-automatic, fully automatic, light control or presence mode adjustable
  • Adjustable control dynamics (minimum and maximum values)
  • Adjustable speed and delay of the regulation
  • Single master version, not scalable
  • Detection range expandable with slave sensors
  • Measurement of mixed light using an internal sensor
  • DALI output power can be increased with accessories
  • Ambient light-dependent control or switch output
  • Adjustable switch-on value
  • Last Value – On-Value Reminder Function
  • Adjustable brightness Set value and reflection factor
  • Indication of the current light sensor value in B.E.G. An app
  • Self-checking and viewing device errors in B.E.G. An app
  • Status LEDs Enable/Disable
  • PIN-code
  • Corridor function – Disables the ability to turn off the light via the push button
  • The number of DALI participants can be determined quickly and reliably via B.E.G. Online DALI Line Planner
  • Software is backwards compatible with the first generation (except DSI, double lock and corridor function)
  • Factory reset 10 min switch-off time and 500 lux brightness set value
  • Spring clamps for easy and quick installation on ceilings and lamps
  • Including Ø 45 mm covering ring and covering vane
  • The power part fits through the hole to the sensor in the ceiling (at 34 mm Ø)
  • Application Examples:
    Hallways, Corridor/Hallway, Cell Offices

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