• KNX mini occupancy detector with integrated bus connector
  • When using the product database B.E.G._Praesenzmelder_928xx_V5.0, the following operation modes are available:
    • Full automatic mode
    • Semi-automatic mode
    • Slave mode
    • Occupancy-independent regulating mode
  • Up to three additional switching channels – selectively either daylight-depending or not
  • Set values and follow-up times can be changed for all channels using communication objects
  • Burn-in function with adjustable burn-in time from 1 to 100 hours
  • With activatable motion LED, deactivatable via ETS parameter, communication object or remote control
  • Settings via ETS 3 and 4
  • The product database for import into the ETS database can be downloaded from the B.E.G. homepage.
  • Typical applications: offices, conference rooms, schools, nursery schools, hospitals

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