• DALI-2 Multi sensor (input device)
  • DALI-2 certified product
  • Supply voltage via the Dali bus
  • Separate and powerful locating link for fast and safe start-up
  • DALI Multimaster technology according to IEC 62386 part 103
  • Example 0 contains information about space utilization and motion detection according to IEC 62386 part 303 on the Dali bus
  • Example 1 gives LUX values ​​according to IEC 62386 part 304 on the Dali bus
  • Parameter setting is possible via a required Multimaster program controller from any manufacturer. This controller must support IEC 62386 parts 101/103/303/304.
  • Mixed light measurement using the interior and exterior lighting sensor
  • Suitable for mounting in false ceilings and flush mounting
  • Accessories are available for mounting as a surface and built-in
  • The detection area can be limited by means of cover slats
  • Individual sensitivity adjustment per PIR sensor
  • Status LEDs Enable/Disable
  • Examples of use:
    stairs, cell offices, large office, meeting room, classrooms/seminar rooms, sports halls/storage rooms

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