• Bi-directional presence sensor with integrated Dali controller for energy-efficient and biologically effective light control (Human Centric lighting)
  • Integrated DALI power supply and 3 push button inputs
  • Preset and freely adjustable HCL curves (12 anchor points per 24h)
  • Adjustable communication mode “Broadcast” (1 light zone, without addressing) or “Multicast” (several light zones, HVAC, with addressing)
  • Dim-2-Warm: brightness and color temperature can be adjusted steplessly at the same time with a long key press
  • Call light scenes
  • Mixed light measurement using the interior and exterior lighting sensor
  • External light sensor can be rotated by 45
  • Change-over relay with high performance and several modes of operation, e.g. DALI switch function, HVAC, panel lighting.
  • Fast commissioning and maintenance processes with smartphone/tablet app (Android, iOS) – no PCs required
  • Expansion of the detection area is possible with a maximum of four BEG BMS slave devices
  • Up to 64 DT8 driver luminaires (Color Type Tc), double DALI output current with accessories may be required
  • All functions can only be activated with the BEG IR adapter and a smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS).
  • Integrated real-time clock automatically regulates the color temperature and brightness set point with the aim of supporting human biorhythms
  • for measurement/transmission of the current fair value, an external light sensor for color temperature can be used as an accessory.
  • A for primary lighting with segmented HCL control via 3 groups and offset control
  • Lighting zone B for desk or accent lighting via separate DALI group or via integrated relay
  • Lighting zone B – Output type is adjusted to switching output (factory setting) or regulation output (same as group 1)
  • Manual switching and dimming with regular switches
  • The color temperature can be set separately and continuously via a separate push button input
  • Adjustable dynamics (minimum and maximum values) for brightness and color temperature
  • Status LEDs Enable/Disable
  • Pin code
  • Orientation light function
  • The number of DALI participants can be determined quickly and reliably via the BEG Online DALI Line Planner
  • Avoidance of standby loss of the lighting system in accordance with EnEV DIN V 18.599-4

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