• DALI presence sensor for mounting at great heights
  • external, mechanically adjustable to a mounting height between 5 and 16 m telescopic light sensor for an application-appropriate light measurement
  • DALI interface for activation of digital, dimmable EVG as a group
  • Master unit execution
  • Detection range can be extended with slave sensors
  • Possibility of manual ignition and dimming with pressure
  • Additional functions can be set via the remote control, which is available as an accessory
  • Logic Switch or control output
  • Orientation light function
  • Semi automatic, fully automatic or twilight switch operation
  • There are markers for orientation of the detector
  • When using sensors in high-rise warehouses, you must be aware that in the transverse aisle areas in the warehouse, sensors are installed that can detect movements in only the desired aisles, using cover slats (blinds).
  • Factory setting: 10 min and 500 lux
  • Application examples:
    High storage, sports halls / storage rooms

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Forespørgsel af: BEG PD4-M-DALI/DSI-GH-P

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