• DALI-2 Multi-sensor (input device) for mounting at high mounting heights
  • DALI-2 certified product
  • Supply voltage via the Dali bus
  • external, mechanically adjustable to a mounting height between 5 and 16 m telescopic light sensor for an application-appropriate light measurement
  • Separate and powerful localization LED for fast and secure start-up
  • DALI Multimaster technology according to IEC 62386 part 103
  • Example 0 provides information on space utilization and motion detection according to IEC 62386 Part 303 on the Dali bus
  • Example 1 gives LUX values according to IEC 62386 part 304 on the Dali bus
  • Parameter setting is possible through a required Multimaster program controller from any manufacturer. This controller must support IEC 62386 parts 101/103/303/304.
  • Mixed light metering using the interior and exterior lighting sensor
  • The detection area can be limited by means of masking slats
  • There are markers for orientation of the detector
  • When using sensors in high-rise warehouses, one should be aware that in the transverse corridor areas of the warehouse, sensors are installed that can detect movements in only the desired corridors, using cover slats (blinds).
  • Individual sensitivity adjustment per PIR sensor
  • Status LEDs Enable/Disable
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