• Presence sensor for daylight-dependent lighting regulation
    • DALI interface for activation of digital, dimmable EVG as a group
    • An additional switching channel with many functions: cut-off function for ECG shutdown or HVAC function for energy-efficient control of heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems
    • Switch between DSI and DALI program with remote control or DIP switch
    • Orientation light function
    • Relay with tungsten lead contact, optimized for LED loads
    • Master unit execution
  • Detection range can be extended with slave sensors
  • Possibility of manual ignition and dimming with pressure
  • Additional functions can be set via the remote control, which is available as an accessory
  • Avoidance of standby loss of the lighting system in accordance with EnEV DIN V 18.599-4
  • Semi automatic, fully automatic or twilight switch operation
  • Factory setting: 10 min and 500 lux
  • Examples of use:
    Entrances, cell offices, Corridor/hallway, Large office, Meeting room, classrooms/seminar Rooms

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Forespørgsel af: BEG PD2-M-DALI/DSI-1C-i