AC/DC, 15W, 24Vout, DIN-RAIL

The HDR series PSU is an economical and ultra-slim power supply that can be adapted to be installed on TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 DIN rails. The housing is narrow, which makes it possible to save space inside a cabinet. The HDR series power supply is constructed with plastic housing that can effectively prevent electrical hazards.

Features and benefits

• Step-shaped plastic housing
• Full entrance area
• Compact size
• Insulation class II
• Can be mounted on an industrial DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15
• Adjustable DC output voltage
• Idle power consumption <0.3 W

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Yderligere info

Information on product use

• Industrial control systems
• Building automation
• Factory automation
• Electromechanical equipment
• Control system for the household
The flexibility of DIN rail mounting systems allows for faster installation as all units simply snap onto metal rails. Power supplies can easily be arranged on DIN rails in closed wall cabinets or in areas where space is limited. Similar units can be mounted next to each other, reducing the amount of cables needed.
Most power supplies are convection cooled, so no cooling fans are required.
DIN rail AC/DC power supplies are widely used in many automation, instrumentation and industrial applications. They are used to power a wide variety of DC powered devices including sensors, motors, actuators, solenoids and relays.

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