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9025 custom Bedside Panel includes the features of the Standard 9025 switch: consists of 4, 8, 10 channels capacitive buttons. Each button can be configured to manage on/off commands- dimming- shutters and venetians control- scene recall and control- objects sequences etc: device includes a 2 stage Room Temperature Controller with integrated PI to control heating and cooling equipments- valves- 2 and 4 pipes fan coils: etc.. Device has an embedded temperature sensor and a rear 2 poles connector con gurable as digital or analog input: It?s possible to connect an additional NTC temperature probe (eelectron codes TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC, not included) to perform a direct temperature measurement.

The glass bedside panel- as in the CUSTOM version of the 9025 series- has the possibility of back lighting custom and interchangeable icons matching with the associated function. The product is intended to fullfill the request of the hotel market including high possibility of customization through dedicated icons set- two sockets (not included) and a minimal elegant design.

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Varenummer: 9025GL10C01-B2L Kategorier: , Brand:

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