The 9025 KNX® numeric keypad joins the recently released 9025 and Synchronicity readers for access control and consists of 10-channel capacitive buttons. Ideal for the management of the Hotel room etc or the managed area, whether it is part of a B&B, a technical room etc

The product can be installed with glass covers , white or black , which show the backlit numbers from 0 to 9 and can be installed on a 2 or 3-module box and compatible with the main standards (Italian, German, English, etc.) .

The RGB led bar on the front side of the numeric keypad can indicate successful recognition of the entered code and shows different colors (configurable via ETS) for signaling status or anomalies.

Also a buzzer that can be enabled or disabled in order to give acoustic feedback when a key is pressed.

The KNX numeric keypad includes the KNX communication interface which allows it to be programmed but to operate in isolation and can be supervised by eSuite or Horizone or with the 9025 readers of the same line.

The KNX interoperability for room/managed area management obtains benefits right from the design phase as the device includes a 2-stage thermostat with integrated PI controller for hot/cold regulation via valves, 2 and 4 fan coils pipes, etc. and obviously it can define welcome scenarios for lights, rolling shutters and anything else foreseen in the automation.

The temperature probe present therein and an input on the rear side that can be configured as digital or analog complete the product: it is in fact possible to connect an additional NTC probe (eelectron code TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC – not included) to the 2-way rear connector to obtain a second measurement the temperature or use the door status input.

The KNX Eelectron access control systems , developed on the KNX protocol, are intelligent solutions for energy saving in buildings; the completely Made in Italy range of products is designed for applications in the residential, hotel and building sectors with a careful eye to design.

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