4.566,04 kr.

The Eelecta touch panel: powerful control in a distinctive shape. With a couloured display, dimming, status, values, lighting, shutters and timers are controlled and password protected when needed.

Using the embedded temperature sensor, chrono or fancoil controlling functions are managed. DMX couloured Led or lights are controlled with the optional DMX interface, and load control with automatic cut off of prioritised functions is performed with the available power meter.

Based on Linux OS but Ets programmed, the 3,5″ touch panel has Led indicator for status display and an audio signal for alarm functions and is available in three colours.

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Varenummer: VS00E20KNX Kategorier: , Brand:

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Forespørgsel af: 3,5″ TOUCH PANEL KNX EELECTA – CHROMO

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